Arche White Pearl Cream

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  • Removes blotches, acne, wrinkles and sunburn.
    Lightens skin tone by reducing dark spots and blemishes.
    Non-greasy moisturizing formula.
    Leaves skin as smooth and white as a pearl.
  • UV-Protection SPF 15
    Whiten & Brighten
    Beauty & Safety
    No mercury


Arche White is a famous brand from Thailand. It is an enhanced intense skin care trademark providing full creation for attractive skin glow and radiance. Its main products include skin care creams and treatments.

Whitening pearl cream that is suitable for all skin types. Protects your skin from with SPF 15. Eliminates acne and freckles, also whiten and brighten your skin. More beautiful. Truly beauty safety.

Directions: After clean your face, apply cream all over your face twice daily in the morning and before bedtime.

UV-Protection SPF 15
Whiten & Brighten
Beauty & Safety
No mercury
No Hydroquinone

Manufactured By: U.B Chemical industries co.LTD

Country of Origin: Product of Thailand

Product Weight: 3 Grams

Storage Instruction: Keep in Cool and Dry Place

Package: Box

Arche White skin-whitening facial cream.
Helps skin achieve a finer skin texture by lightening dark scars and acne marks.
Makes skin tighter, smoother and lighter after consistent use.
Skin facial cream with the multiple benefits of Vitamin E for skin tone, skin texture repair after sun exposure and cellular health.

Arche White’s skin-whitening facial cream with the many benefits of Vitamin E for a healthy and finer skin texture post use

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