Faiza Beauty Cream Large

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A perfect formula for a fairer and brighter complexion.
It gives you youthful radiant skin.
Our product contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives.
It is 100% safe and effective.
Provides desirable results after 15 days of use


it is used to remove pimples from the skin. It is also used to remove freckles and blackness from a skin.
it helps to maintain skin elasticity and improve skin texture.
Faiza Beauty cream has extra strength lightening agents and vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Cteric Acid, Alpha Arbutin, White Oil & Kojic Acid.
it helps to remove pimples, freckles and blackness of the face
Faiza Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white color face , Within few days of usage you can see result.keeping skin healthy and smooth
Good for skin whiting
Natural ingredients will not irritate sensitive skin
Hydration product for your skin can improve your skin elasticity
i>with vitamins A, vitamin E and SPF
Good for dark spots and pigmentation on skin
improve darkness of skin and make it white

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