Fogg Master Body Spray Royal Intense-120ML

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This Status fragrance body spray from Fogg is a power packed deodorant that offers more than you bargain for. This perfumed body spray has an invigorating scent which envelops you in a pleasant smell for a long time. Fragrance It has a scent that includes the notes of the fresh fragrance family which keeps you active all day


Wish to turn up your charm? Impress everyone with every task that you set your eyes on. Get Fogg Master Royal Intense, an essential accessory, made for those who master it all. Add this masculine perfume body spray to your daily routine as it is all about fragrance, style, and confidence. Be it a normal day at work or presentation day at college or first date with your long-time crush. The captivating fragrance of Fogg Master Royal Intense will help you leave a long-lasting appeal on everyone. Be it work or social parties, be the master of everything.

Fogg Master perfume body spray is filled with 100% perfume liquid and no gas. Hence, it lasts longer than regular body sprays. The powerful formula of the body spray also ensures an intense fragrance that lasts quite long. Now you don’t need to worry about things like body odour and smell fresh throughout the day. So don’t scratch your mind on it any longer and get yourself a can of Fogg Master Marco Intense. Spray it on and make things happen.

AN INTENSE FRAGRANCE – Boost your confidence with Fogg Master Royal Intense, a cool, masculine perfume body spray for men
LONG LASTING PERFUME – A majestic scent that’s also intense and stays on you for a long time
NO GAS – Fogg Master Royal Intense contains absolutely no gas and is filled with 100% perfume liquid
MORE SPRAYS – Each can of Fogg body spray gives you more sprays than regular gas deodorants
BEAT BODY ODOUR – Spray it on and you need not worry about body odour anymore
THE FOGG COLLECTION: Fogg Master’s range of perfume body sprays is made for men who are ready to take on the world

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