Nouvelle Double Effect Nutritive Shampoo (250ML)

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Nouvelle Double
Effect Nutritive
Shampoo 250ml

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Spread evenly and gently massage. Rinse

Shampoo for dry hair with keratin and Nouvelle Double Effect Nutritive Shampoo hopsGently cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes the hair and scalp.Well suited for clarified, dyed, dried and damaged by artificial or natural (ultraviolet, dry air) factors, as well as split ends. If a hair dryer is often used for drying hair, Nouvelle Nutritive Shampoo gives an unsurpassed result, because under the influence of temperature, microparticles of keratin and amino acids penetrate into the depth of the inner layer of hair and restore the lack of natural protein of hair, bind the ruptured keratin chains and form additional disulfide bonds. Hair becomes noticeably more elastic and shiny, does not dry out and looks healthy.Cocamidopropyl Betaine – Cocamidopropyl betaine, a substance that is derived from coconut oil. According to the Laboratory of Experimental Dermatology, the University of Cadiz (Spain) is one of the most benign detergents. Softens the effect of sodium lauryl sulfate.It is a good moisturizer and osmoprotector, protects hair from hypohydration, i.e. retains water in the hair – moisturizesHydrolyzed Keratin – Hydrolyzed keratin – a natural component of the skin, nails and hair. Keratin is a protein with a large number of disulfide bonds, which ensures the strength of the hair. When the keratin is damaged, the hair loses its elasticity, luster, becomes porous and brittle, therefore, the hydrolyzed keratin is designed to repair the damage to the keratin of the hair, fill defects and fill the structure. Restores a healthy look even strongly damaged hair

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