Skin White 7 Day Beauty Cream Shea Butter 250GM

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SkinWhite Shea Butter 7Day Beauty Cream contains the goodness of shea butter which has advanced moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties. skin to reveal your naturally vibrant glow. Indulge in its rich, long-lasting fragrance every day!

Give your skin the royal treatment every day with Skin White 7-Day Cream. A multi-purpose cream designed to hydrate, cleanse, soothe, repair, nourish & restore skin radiance: Skin Fortifying Hydrator, Cleanse & Conditions, Make-up Base, Over Night Repair, Anti-Aging / Wrinkle Fighter, Skin Healing / Repairing, and Soft & Smooth Skin.

SkinWhite 7 day beauty cream cleans gently your skin, its anti aging properties reduce wrinkle and fine lines.
It go deep down and nourish your skin, Repair damage skin and make it soft and smooth.

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