Yoko Acne Melasma Cream

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Removes blotches, acne, wrinkles and sunburn.
Lightens skin tone by reducing dark spots and blemishes.
Non-greasy moisturizing formula.
Leaves skin as smooth and white as a pearl.


Aids in animating cell recovery and renewing nutrients and mineral activities on the skin
Reestablishes dampness and makes the skin smooth and soft
Deeply moisturizes and nourishes dull and damaged skin

Yoko Whitening Cream Milk is enriched in milk extract and kojic acid that acts as an efficient skin whitening formula. Milk softens the skin and gives it a radiant glow. It nourishes the skin for a healthy shine. It also removes excess oil and fights back pigmentation. This whitening cream is a one in all solution for bright smooth skin.

Yoko’s skin-whitening cream with papaya extract for fair and smooth skin.

Desire that dreamy youthful glow? The Yoko Skin Whitening Cream is everything your skin needs to expel dead skin cells and shine radiantly. Curated carefully using skin-friendly ingredients, on religious application, it delivers a bright skin with reduced fine lines, signs of aging, and pigmentation. For best results, apply on cleansed face and massage it all over in upwards motion.

Skin-whitening cream with yellow papaya extract.
Helps fade dark pigmentation spots.
Papaya softens skin and gives a smooth complexion.Yoko’s whitening creams are an effective purchase for your normal skin problems. It has natural formulations that help skin recover from problems like pigmentation, acne, blotches and sunburn. The goodness of papaya extract has many uses for a more smooth, soft and even-toned skin. It can be used as a day and night cream for visible effects.

Yoko Skin Whitening Cream Rejuvenates And Brightens The Skin To Give A Natural Radiant Glow

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