Derma Shine Apricot Scrub

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Derma Shine Apricot Scrub is best for all skin types, it gives a cooling effect to the skin and clean pores thoroughly.


  • 100% cruelty free
  • Anti Ageing
  • Anti Acne
  • Hydrating Formula


Derma Shine Apricot Scrub provides a thorough exfoliation of dead, damaged and worn out skin to correct the poor skin tone and coloration. Our deep cleaning scrub with 100% original apricot extracts works to give you soft, smooth, positively glowing skin. It leaves a cooling effect to the skin by cleaning all the skin pores thoroughly. It provides you the Best Skincare experience. The natural oils in the apricot imparts a proper hydration to the cells of the skin to make the skin feel moisturized and healthy.

Derma Shine – the best facial kit brand of Pakistan has formulated this product with love and care so it works to improve the complexion of your skin to make it glow and lovely.

Our Derma Shine Scrub formulated with Apricot Kernels works to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the facial skin. This Apricot Scrub boasts the skin metabolism to make it glow and shine.

Scrubbing twice a day with the benefits of apricot is the best skincare routine one can adopt.

Features :

  • 100% cruelty free
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Anti-Wrinkles
  • Hydrating Formula
  • Cleansing Formula
  • Best Skincare
  • Best Fruit Kit

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