Elmore Glycerine Cream with Chamomile Flower extract-175GM

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The range of glycerine moisturizers with non-greasy formulations softens the rough & chapped skin of hands, feet and entire body starting from the first application, retaining body moisture. Chamomile flower extract heals & soothes skin, and has been proven to relieve stress when massaged under the feet.

  • Helpful to soften the rough part of your body
  • Helpful For relaxing
  • Help your skin glow
  • Lotion that make you feel and smell good


  • Highly moisturizing glycerin cream treats cracked, rough and dry skin
  • Non-greasy quickly absorbs into the skin without making it feel oily
  • Enriched with chamomile extracts soothes irritated and red skin
  • Suitable for body, hands and feet
  • Ideal to use for pedicures and manicures

Elmore Glycerin Cream has a unique formula which soothes, moisturizes and softens rough and chapped skin of hands, feet and entire body. The high Glycerine content enriched with Chamomile Flower extract and Silicone forms a non-greasy barrier minimizing moisture loss and prolonging moisture retention for hours, protecting your skin.

Elmore’s Glycerine Cream With Chamomile Extract could be your new favorite moisturizing cream. Chamomile and glycerin together make this cream a powerful hydrating formula. It promotes the active functioning of skin cells and protects the skin barrier to lock moisture inside. Chamomile extracts make sure that your skin repairs from inside to look fresh on the outside. The chapped and rough condition of skin improves with regular use. You can keep your hands and feet soft and hydrated. This cream can also be used on body.

Plant based pure Glycerin is used to deeply nourish dry skin making it soft & supple.

Chamomile flower extract naturally soothes irritated, chapped skin starting from first application.

A water resistant yet breathable barrier is formed, protecting the skin from loosing excessive moisture to harsh environmental conditions.

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