Sabaya Itar Non Alcoholic 6ML

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  • Non-Alcoholic
  • LongLasting
  • 6ML
  • Original By AL_REHAB


Al Rehab Perfumes
Al-Rehab Perfumes a Jedda Saudi Arabia based company produces traditional Arabian Attar, Oriental Perfumes, and alcohol-free attars of exquisite quality. Its exotic long-lasting attar comes at a very reasonable price.

Most of Al Rehab Perfumes come in roll-on vials which makes it easy to anoint. Al-Rehab Perfumes has gained tremendous popularity in the global market. It is one of the finest alcohol-free attar and perfume oil makers on the planet. Most of Al-Rehab perfumes can be used by both men and women. Al Rehab attar variants are easily available in the Online Market in India and in many other countries worldwide.

Sabaya Itar IS Oriental vanilla fragrance for unisex. Fragrance notes are mint, vanilla, sandalwood, red rose, saffron, agarwood and caramel — Arabic Perfume Size: 8 ML Category: Non Alcoholic Type: Men & Women

Concentrated perfume oil
Concentrated, a tiny drop would be sufficient
Masculine fragrance
Simple, sleek & clean aroma, not overpowering
A cool & refreshing scent, very much urban
Has a lot of character, perfect for outgoing male

Al Rehab Sabaya is a fresh, citrusy, rosy fragrance for women. Strong & gorgeous aroma.

Features musk, jasmine, agarwood, amber, citruses, patchouli.

Once you apply it to your apparel, you will start feeling its refreshing, charming fragrance and the people surrounding you as well. Best choice for both men and women

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