SILKY Ylang Feel Good Hair Mask 250ML

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It protects hair while setting, hindering damage caused by heat. It leaves hair nourished, protected from damp, with no frizzy effect.


Soothing, normalizing lotion that reduces sebum secretion, assuring scalp cleanliness and giving lightness to hair.

Repairing treatment shampoo. Its gentle action on scalp and hair delicately cleanses, sensitised and dry hair.250ml Each Bottle

How to Use:

Spread evenly and massage delicately. Leave to set for a few minutes. Rinse.


Mask Deep repairing treatment for coarse hair, restucturing and providing body and texture to weak and lacklustre hair, damaged by aggressive chemical treatments and environmental stress factors. It restores correct PH, makes hair supple and vital, locks in moisture and provides a superior shine.


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