Stillmans Fairness Cream


A perfect formula for a fairer and brighter complexion.
It gives you youthful radiant skin.
Our product contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives.
It is 100% safe and effective.
Provides desirable results after 15 days of use


Fairness Cream is a hero product of the Stillman Company (Pvt) Limited. It was first introduced in 1950 in Pakistan. However, the legacy is over 100 years old. The Fairness Cream removes freckles and spots, giving users a visibly clearer skin. With its special blend of ingredients including mineral oil, zincum and liquorice extract, Stillman’s Fairness Cream doesn’t just remove dark spots and discoloration. It minimizes the presence of fine lines and wrinkles, which prevents aging, maintains elasticity of the skin, retains moisture and helps in skin lightening.
Stillman’s Fairness cream remains a market leader within the range of skin lightening products available in Pakistan. As a result, several duplicates have emerged over the years that contain the same green packaging as Stillman’s Fairness Cream. Nonetheless, the original Stillman’s Fairness Cream does not contain any harsh or harmful chemicals that may damage the skin. Therefore, it is tested to the highest standards making it 100% safe to use and comes with a security seal that is purple in color and changes to dark green when swung side to side.

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